Mind Illusions With A Short Bit of Emphasis

Emphasis according to standard terms means something that is given great stress or importance to. This can be referring to a person, an subject in art, or a subject in photography. In today’s case we will be talking about it in an form of art or rather many forms of art. The true art definition of Emphasis is the created center of interest or the place in an artwork where your eyes first land.


where do your eyes first land in this photo? if it is not on the bright rose maybe your eyes are backwards or you think differently perhaps? your eyes should be directed to the rose due to intense emphasis used in the photo.

now time to really test your eyes >:)


wavy rice

mind teaser time the moving rice above is not actually moving it is simply a trick used with a lot of good emphasis on the yellow rice. see this is not a animated image even though it is a GIF. you must try to challenge you mind into thinking the rice is not actually moving. good luck.


rolling cogs

of course another eye teaser


can you read this?

only certain people can….

one more

stare at the dot and move your head forward and back to see this illusion








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