steps to building website for client

you always want to start out with the simplest of things this would be first off setting down and getting a content list from them. It is pretty simple make a list leaving the importance out for now of ALL the content you think you’ll need. Don’t judge it off of what you can do for a content list! Second thing to do would be to set your priorities straight. What’s most important on that list of yours. Is it the playlist of random pop music or the main content. Then reorganize your list but keep the original! Next you do some wire framing. The best site for this that is 100% free is wireframe. I have used this before and it seems pretty good. flair builder is used for the site mapping portion which is next. then it is a style tile. then prototyping for the final result. Then get into the coding and custom design of the site. Remember your not done until the client is happy with the result!


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